A new Journal


Hello. I just wanted to let you all know that I now have an updated version of my journal online. It has been fully rebranded to match my main website.

Firstly, thank you so much to all my current subscribers for following my posts on here. I would really love all of you to continue following me (or if you are reading my journal for the first time, I would love you to join on the new site). All you have to do is click the link below which will open the new journal. Then type your email into the subscribe link and click ‘subscribe’. This will then notify you of any further posts or updates on the new blog.

And to entice you further, I have just blogged about a beautiful Bonfire Night wedding from last year!

So, without further ado, please may I present to you:

The all new Photography Boutique journal!

Happy reading!
Sally xx


A New Arrival!!


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Forgive this self-indulgent post this evening. I blame some of my photography friends, who wanted pictures of my long-awaited Christmas present from hubby, which finally arrived today! And the cause of all this excitement…?!

A bag!

But not just any old bag! Oh no. My Cheeky Lime purple Livy camera bag! I am literally in bag Heaven. I couldn’t be more exicted!! So, here are a few pics of the new beloved member of my family!!

I love you bag – sleep well! We have a busy year this year! xx

The End of an Era?


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I’m feeling a little sad this evening at the news that Kodak has filed for Bankruptcy. I am sad because it is really a huge, iconic name in this industry. But is it time to move on?

For me, the name conjures up nostalgic memories, as my Dad used to have a Kodak camera bag in the iconic orange and red (and probably other products too) and he swore by their film. (I still have that camera bag up in my loft!).

Kodak is now 132 years old and is easily seen as a pioneering brand in the photography industry. At one time, if you owned a camera, it was more than likely a Kodak but now, a whole new generation of photographers may never even hear of, let alone use, a Kodak product.

It is fair to say that Kodak is perhaps an old timer and has been overtaken by some pretty amazing technological and digital advances (I use a digital camera myself). But the problem with digital is that it has also meant that actual ‘printed photos’ are almost a thing of the past. I haven’t printed family photos for years; they are all stored on my laptop! According to the papers, even basic cameras have hit an all time low as everyone has a phone that can (almost) do the same job nowadays!

Apparently, Kodak will still be going in the guise of digital and printing technologies but to me, it doesn’t feel the same.

I know I only posted this advert a few short weeks ago but if you didn’t see it then, I defy you to watch this without a lump in your throat at todays news! Kodak Advert 

And I want to hear from you. Are you sad that Kodak as we know it is no more? Or do you think it has paved the way for bigger and better things?

Further reading: How Technology Killed Kodak

Sally x

A Winter Wonderland Shoot


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Hi everyone, something a little different tonight.

One of the best things about my addiction to Facebook is that it has enabled me to ‘meet’ so many other photographers, of all different levels, styles and backgrounds. It has been a particular honour to actually meet quite a few of them in person, whilst sharing our passion for image taking, through meet ups, styled shoots, talks and a little lunch!

So I was very excited to travel up to Chelsea at the beginning of December last year, to join 40 other photographers for a shoot, arranged by Claudia Carter of Claudia Rose Carter Photography and sponsored by Aspire Training and Catherine Connor, one of the most inspiring and loveliest people I have met in a while.

The amazing theme for the day was Winter Wonderland / Narnia Queen – which I LOVED! We had five amazing models, who braved the cold in a corner of Battersea Park for us to shoot 4 different scenes. The amazing makeup was styled by Julia Plant and dresses and accessories were supplied by Luella’s Boudoir – I love this little bridal boutique, based in Wimbledon; I bought my own veil and garter from there 5yrs ago. It is well worth a visit!!

And if you like this, look out for my next styled shoot in February – I am SO excited about this!

Sally xx

Models: Lexie Lambert, Flora M Dutton, Helena Willcocks, Natasha Rozhdestvensky & Hayley Buckingham. Thank you girls!

Thirteen (8) – Lucky for Some!


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Evening lovelies.

I hope you are not getting fed up with my nightly posts already. You see, I have been planning this blog for ages and have saved up all these shoots, adverts and musings etc for when the blog was up and running. At this rate, I’ll have used them all up by Tuesday! LOL!

Anyway, I don’t mean to come across as blowing my own trumpet but I am really very pleased with this article that came out in a local magazine for January. Thank you to Emma at Thirteen 8 who wrote this and for all there for the permission to post it!

Much love,

Sally x

Thirteen 8 Page Editorial Jan12

Katrina & Nathan Baker’s Wedding – 10th September 2011


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So, after all the boudoir posts, I promised you a wedding! …

In September 2011, I had the absolute pleasure of second shooting Katrina and Nathan’s wedding, for the wonderful Greg Thurtle of TP Photography. As the wedding was down in Dorset (and I live in West Sussex), it meant an early start for me. The weather was fine near Brighton but by the time I pulled into the village where the wedding was to take place, it was torrential rain! Cue a mad dash from my car to the Church whilst trying to shield my precious camera from getting soaked!

With Greg capturing the preperations with Katrina and her bridesmaids, I set about taking some ‘relaxing’ shots of Nathan and detail shots around the Church!

Then the maids and flower girls arrived and the Church entrance was awash with an amazing purple blue!

The gorgeous little lady above is Katrina’s daughter. How cute is she? x

And then, Katrina arrived – looking stunning!! I remember there being a delay between the bridal party arriving and Katrina making her way down the aisle – but I also remember Nathan saying earlier that if it was raining, there would be no way Katrina would get out of the car in her dress! But when you see it, you will understand why!

I love this image of Katrina, with her maids, just before entering the Church. She looks the picture of beauty, elegance and calm.

And then it was off to the Bournemouth coast for the reception – in a 1967 VW campervan (by The Wedding Bug).

The reception was held at the ultra trendy The Cumberland on Bournemouth’s seafront. And I think we all did a collective gasp when we got to the see the stunning room set for the breakfast dinner.

Must have been something he said?! 😉

And finally, with the emotion flowing during the speeches, the on-site make-up artist had to be called in to do a bit of touching up! LOL!

Seriously though, I am so grateful to Greg for giving me the opportunity to join him at this beautiful wedding and I thank Katrina and Nathan for letting me be a part of their day. I am truly, truly honoured. I wish you all the luck and love in the world for a beautiful life together. x

Much love to you all,

Sally x

Valentine’s January offer


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After yesterday’s Boudoir post (Christmas Themed Boudoir), I’m feeling in a generous and romantic mood! Check my Facebook page for a boudoir January offer: The Photography Boutique UK Facebook Page

And to whet your appetite, here are some of my favourite boudoir images from earlier shoots – thanks to Catherine Koch and Julie Anne Smith – and I promise, a wedding tomorrow night!!:

Much love,

Sally x

Christmas Themed Boudoir!


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Good evening!

Ideally I didn’t want to be posting a boudoir shoot before any of my recent weddings but because this was a Christmas themed shoot, I wanted to get it on the journal before the season was too dark and distant a memory! And as it is Epiphany / Twelfth Night tomorrow, I have just made it!

Although maybe I shouldn’t justify a boudoir shoot with religious holidays! Sorry Father Keith! 😉

However, I will say that this is a family friendly blog and there is no naughtiness here – move along!

So, big thanks to Emily, my beautiful model in these pictures, who braved a chilly November afternoon outside, covered in just a tutu and a big red bow ribbon – that’s the Christmas theme in case you were wondering!

Me, My Camera and You!


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WELCOME to my brand new blog. Finally!! (Ok, this is my third post already but this is my introduction to me!!)

I’m going to let you into a little secret! But don’t tell anyone. You ready? <Whispers: I’m not really a writer!!> There, I’ve said it. The truth is out! 😉

That said and out the way, I will try to write on here regularly so that you can see what I (as The Photography Boutique) have been up to, new shoots that I am honoured to photograph and anything else that I feel the need to share. I am passionate about photography and hope that comes across in my posts. (Check this recent post to see an advert that inspires my passion). But I think this should be a two-way relationship! So please do leave me comments below and tell me what you think – and so that I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself!! Pretty please!

In this first post I want to introduce myself and give you a feel for my photography direction (I promise future posts won’t be so self-obsessed!)

I am Sally and I’m 33. I’m married with 1 and a half yr old boy/girl twins (wow – where did that time go?!) and we all live in a gorgeous little cottage in West Sussex.

Credit: Visual Chaos Photography, 2/2011


I did a City & Guild black and white FILM (!) photography course about 10 years ago and amongst others, I am proud to say I also completed a BIPP Professional Wedding Photography course 3 years ago. I love pearls, shoes and bags but hate mushrooms and aubergines (who came up with aubergine??!). My style is influenced by my own love of vintage jewellery and lace. It is quite feminine and romantic but I can (and do) bring out the rock chick in me every so often. (The Rolling Stones are one of my favourite bands – check me!).

Previously, I was Daisy Chain Photography and collaborated with Lel Hurst (now of Story Frame Photography) but I decided that I needed to work on my brand and make the feel of my photography more ‘me’ and so here we are, with The Photography Boutique. One of my biggest passions in photography is to style my clients and shoots; to not just take pictures of people as stand-alone but fashion the whole image into something truly beautiful; to make my brides and grooms stand out from the crowd uniquely and show their strong love for each other; to give an expectant Mother a lasting memory of the miracle that is her body; to make a new Mummy cry tears of happiness at the pictures of her little one; or to make the woman outside feel as beautiful as she is inside with delicate boudoir shots.

During the Summer, I was lucky enough to attend a talk by the wonderful Lisa Devlin and she started with a quote:

Success is the good fortune that comes from

aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.

Evan Esar

…and it got me thinking. Do I have these key ingredients to be successful with The Photography Boutique?

I definitely aspire to be successful. Naturally! I have a vision and what I believe I can aim for photography wise in the next couple of years and I hope that this will motivate me every day! I will continue to attend training courses whilst working to better my craft and push myself with every shoot that I do.

I don’t like the word desperate but I am very determined to make this dream job a reality. I am bursting with ideas and big plans for my photography direction this year.

As for perspiration, that old saying is certainly true…I glow – patchy purple! Not a pretty sight! But I work hard for what I want to achieve. I have a goal and I WILL get there!

And lastly, inspiration. I am inspired every day, just driving along the country lanes or listening to a gorgeous piece of music. However, other people are my biggest inspiration. My late Father was one of my biggest inspirations to me as a child (along with Michael J Fox!). Now, my husband has taken on that role! But getting to know my clients before the shoot and tailoring my ideas to them is what helps (I hope) to create those magical pictures. I am also lucky enough to know some very talented photographers who really spur me on to better my skill.

So that’s me in a nutshell – that always makes me think of Austin Powers! I also have a small section called About on my website, where you can view a quick slideshow! (Don’t laugh – I was an 80’s child!).

Hopefully you will follow these posts and enjoy keeping up with my shoots, maybe you will ‘Follow’ me officially, perhaps you may even comment – and for any and all of that I thank you! Thanks for reading!

Much love,

Sally xx

And if you’ve enjoyed this instalment, here’s what’s coming soon (with photos and everything!):

– Katrina & Nathan Baker’s Wedding, September 2011;

– Sophie & Steve Coleman’s Bonfire Night Wedding, November 2011;

– Christmas Boudoir shoot, November 2011;

– Snow Queen / Narnia shoot, December 2011.

The Importance of Photography!


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Apologies if you have already seen this American advert – I believe it was aired in 2005 – but I saw it recently in a talk by Dane Sanders and I loved how it made me feel about my chosen craft – all proud and inspired. Photos are so, so important and should be cherished as much as the memories contained within them. I know it’s a little cheesy but I was so touched after watching it so thought I would share it with you. It is just over 6 minutes long so make a nice cup of tea, turn the speakers up and enjoy!

Kodak Advert

Much Love

Sally x